Sourcebook: Dog collars, leads & more from Blueblood

Perfect for Martha’s Vineyard, the Hamptons … or your house!

I’m so excited to share this post about Blueblood – as it is one of my absolute favorite stylish dog brands. Using classic fabrics and fashionable details, Blueblood creates beautiful collars, leads (and more) for pups and their owners. From lap dog to rugged athlete, Blueblood products are designed for dogs of all sizes, even Newfs!

I just adore their preppy and traditional designs. So much so that I couldn’t wait to try out their new red-white-and-blue leash and collar (called Shelter Island) for Bella. In theory, this seersucker collection couldn’t be more connected to Summer, but I’m finding that it fits into Fall very nicely.

Beautiful collar and leash!

Another look at the Shelter Island pattern.

Love the Blueblood dog logo on all their designs, too.

This weekend Bella and I hit the park to check out the Fall foliage, and she was looking as stylish as could be.

Bella enjoying a day at the park.

Even though Bella is in short coat, it's still hard to see ANY collar on her right now. So...I took a bunch of photos to make sure I could capture how stylish she looked 🙂

Beautiful Fall day.

You can see how pretty the leash is in this pic.

Bella enjoyed this spot on the hillside.

But wait…there’s more! In addition to collars and leads, Blueblood also has adorable tote bags and dog beds. I’ve been carrying around the Madison Ave. bag for the past week and have had so many people ask me where I got it!

Look how lovely the tote comes packaged!

Madison Ave. tote

Had to also share this stamp on the back of the bag -- love it.

For more information on Blueblood, visit their website.

Here’s one last picture of Bella (resting back at home), plus a few of my favorite images from the Blueblood website…

Time to rest.

Dog beds, totes, collars and leads from Blueblood.


Happy Halloween – Newfie Style!

I’ve been having fun with old-fashioned photography lately, especially “toy” cameras and pinhole filters, so I decided to create some vintage-inspired Newfie Halloween photos. With the Wizard of Oz as my inspiration, I hit the craft store and put together quick Cowardly Lion, Dorothy and Tin Man costumes for the pups.

Here's Bella as "Dorothy," complete with a chewed ruby slipper.

"Cowardly" Bear, with a mane made of wheat.

Lucy the Tin Man, with a BIG heart!

Pinhole image of Dorothy Bella.

Pinhole Bear Lion.

Pinhole Lucy.

This photo-project was really fun, but I’m sure the dogs wouldn’t tolerate these costumes for a whole evening. Halloween is a big night for them – escorting kids around the neighborhood, meeting/greeting and getting tons of attention from families, etc. – so I also bought some great (and more comfortable) items from Target. For only $5.00 each, I picked up a pumpkin, witch and rescue dog costume! (LOVE Target!)

bear, bella, lucy

Rescue dog Bear, Witch Bella and Pumpkin Lucy (in comfy costumes). I took these pics after the Wizard of Oz ones, so had to use treats to keep the dogs interested -- hence the Newfie drool! 🙂

Putting Clean+Green to the Test, Plus a SPECIAL OFFER for readers!

As a Newfoundland owner, one of the inevitable questions I get asked is how do I clean up after my pups when they have accidents in the house. With each of our dogs weighing over 125 pounds, I’ll admit that “messes” can indeed be substantial. And I do mean substantial. Eeesh. (Okay, enough about that!) Anyway… as part of living with farm animals in the house (as my husband says), I’ve become a bit of an expert in tackling stains and odors.

I thought I had tried just about everything out there, but recently I heard about a new pet cleaning line called Clean+Green. Intrigued by the fact that the brand is organic and eco-friendly, I decided to test it out. My dogs spend a lot time lying on the floors, so being able to find a good, non-toxic cleaner is important to me/us.

Clean+Green offers a huge line of animal-specific cleaning supplies, including special formulas for cats, dogs, birds and small animals – even skunk odors! Their cleaners are touted to encapsulate and eliminate stains and odors on contact by naturally biodegrading them.

In anticipating my potential clean-up needs, I chose two products: the dog-specific Wood & Tile spray and the dog Carpet spray. In our house, the dogs generally leave their messes on our sisal rugs – which are very difficult to clean, of course. Occasionally I’ll get lucky with an accident occurring on the hardwood. (Wow – really lucky, eh? Welcome to my life, haha!)

Clean, Green…and Happy – My Cleaning Experience

Well, always a team player, Lucy was the first to help take the Clean+Green products for a spin. Over a two-day period, she challenged both the carpet and hardwood cleaners. (Poor baby girl! Thankfully she is fine now.) Without getting into any more detail than necessary, I can attest that the cleaners got her stains out of the sisal fibers and remarkably left no trace of odor. I found that I had to use more of the carpet cleaner than was typical per the instructions, but obviously my dogs are not typical in size, nor are their stains. I’m not sure how long one can of the carpet spray would last for me — the average user is said to get about 20 stain treatments per can – but I’d estimate that one can would mean only about 5-7 uses in our house max. Again, fair given that I have horses in the house, :).

Overall, I was really impressed with these products and will be stocking up on supplies!!  A final note to share about my experience using these products is that the cleaners are odorless, which is really nice.. They’re completely unscented and don’t just temporarily cover-up the dog smell with perfume or fragrance like other products.

For more information about Clean+Green products, click here.

Purchase $20.00 or more of Clean+Green products at now thru the end of October and receive a FREE Urine Finder* (a $10 value) plus 20% off your entire order. All orders placed on ship for free, always. Use promo code WELLPET in the coupon code window at checkout to redeem this special offer.

*The Urine Finder blacklight is designed to locate hard-to-find pet urine deposited anywhere, including carpets, wood, tile, furniture, bedding and concrete. Once you locate the odor, it's easy to permanently eliminate the problem using Clean+Green! NOTE: the Urine Finder light is available only while supplies last

Review: Dogswell Nutrisca Dinner Bites & Vitality Jerky Bars

This Fall Dogswell introduced two new dog food products, Nutrisca Freeze Dried Dinner Bites and Vitality Jerky Bars. Since the Newfs have been enjoying other Dogswell treats now for years (the Happy Hips and sweet potato chews are their favorites), we jumped at the chance to test out these new varieties.

The first food the Newfies sampled was a raw, freeze-dried dinner called Nutrisca Dinner Bites. With ingredients said to resemble the raw diet a dog would naturally consume in the wild, including chicken or beef as the main ingredient <we tried the beef recipe>; chickpeas and peas (for protein, fiber and amino acids); plus antioxidant-rich foods (like apples, cranberries, flaxseed and vitamin E), these dinner bites are certainly a healthy diet choice. Containing no grains, no potatoes, and no fillers (meaning no tapioca), these bites were surprisingly appealing to my pups. Bear and Lucy seemed none the wiser that this food was “good for them” – they couldn’t stop drooling for them!

A bonus with these bites being in a raw state is that more nutrients are locked in (or kept intact), compared to what would otherwise be cooked out of similar foods.

In trying the Nutrisca bites, I sprinkled some of them over the dogs’ usual kibble, plus I added some water (to make sure the pups were drinking enough). The bites also made great night-time treats, getting all three Newfies upstairs in record time for bed!

Nutrisca freeze-dried dinner bite.

Front/left: Nutrisca bites; Back/right: Jerky bars.

The other product sampled was the Vitality Jerky. We tried the turkey version, (chicken and beef flavors are also available). In bar form, these treats are made with a fresh meat ingredient, along with premium fruits and vegetables (chickpeas, peas, cranberries, blueberries, apples, carrots, spinach, apricots and tomatoes) plus vitamins and minerals like flaxseed, vitamin A and vitamin E.

Once again, the Newfs happily sampled the goodies. My dogs can honestly be quite finicky, snubbing food and even refusing to eat at times. But these bars were an instant hit. Firmer than the dinner bites, these bars were great treats for stuffing in my pocket and taking on walks. I’ve never had so many attentive walking partners!

For more information on Dogswell Nutrisca bites and Vitality bars, click here.

Bear and Lucy sampling some dinner bites.

Bella and Lucy enjoying some treats. Note: All three dogs were standing together during these photos, but I could only seem to get two dogs at a time in frame! 🙂

Sourcebook: Dog collars from If It Barks

For those of you who aren’t familiar with If It Barks, let me introduce you to this small group of wonderful designers and artisans who make stylish collars and leashes for dogs
 of all sizes, from teacup puppies to large breed dogs.

With original designs that are made by hand, If It Barks products are as functional as they are stylish. Every collar and leash is built with the active dog in mind, meaning everything is constructed with durable materials for every-day use. Even better, each product is also washable (which comes in handy when you have Newfs!)

One of my favorite things about this brand is that they cater to all sizes – even giant! With my dogs, it’s often difficult to find a stylish option that will fit. The 1.5” wide collar line is just perfect for us!

I also love that they have so many designs to choose from. Color schemes for girlie dogs, outdoorsy dogs, manly dogs… you can find something for every dog’s personality here.

Check out the great collars and leashes below.
For additional information, including where to buy, go to 
If It Barks.

(P.S. In case you’ve noticed, Bear is a fan of If It Barks. He proudly wears the “patriotic” stacked stripe collar!)

[Above, first four pics]: Stacked Stripes – the If It Barks signature collection. Citrus Grove (green/orange), Outback (red/brown), Peacock (green/blue), and Razmataz (red/pink). *Note: All designs are available in quick-release or martingale construction.

Prints – Urban Landscape and Trick Jester. Collection includes layers of patterns with solid colors.

Leashes  – Stacked Stripes.

Quilt and Stripe Collection – includes patchwork, full stripe, or a combination of both elements for mixing and matching.

Sourcebook: Dog tags from blanketID

Fashionable. Practical. Wonderful ID tags.

I first discovered blanketID when I saw some of their great tag designs on a “doggie fashion” site. I didn’t realize it back then, but in addition to being cute, these tags are extra special in that they work with an online database to help lost pets make it back home safely.

Each tag has a unique ID number that can be registered by an owner online – pet parents can include contact information, photos and details of their pets. If a dog gets lost, the blanketID system is designed to contact local SPCAs, animal hospitals, shelters, etc. to help in locating the animal. If a pet is found, the “finder” can enter the ID number online to gain immediate access to information needed to safely return the pooch.

For more information on these great tags, visit blanketID.

There are several great designs, but I think my favorite is the Gingham Orange. 🙂

Review: Planet Dog toys

Planet Dog’s Glow for Good Orbee ball and Slobber-wick Squeak Bone.

This week the pups had a chance at their first dog toy review. With two great options from Planet Dog – the Orbee-Tuff ‘Glow for Good’ Ball and the Slobber-Wick Squeak Bone — the Newfs were more than willing to chew, drool and rough-house themselves silly.

Bear checking out his new minty toy.

The minty Glow for Good Ball was Bear’s favorite. At 3” diameter, this recyclable ball made for the perfect game (and game…and game…) of fetch. Even Bella seemed interested in the toy, which was great to see – in fact she stole it several times from Bear to prove her “mama” status in the pack.

A very dedicated retriever!
Lucy seizing the opportunity to pounce on Bear.
Bella steals the Orbee.

We didn’t try the toy at dusk/night, but I think it’s pretty cool that this ball apparently glows in the dark. Plus, even cooler –100% of the proceeds for this toy go directly to Planet Dog’s Foundation to support canine service programs.

The other Newf-tested product was a soft fabric squeaky toy called a Slobber-Wick. This was Lucy’s favorite – she shook it, squeaked it and strutted all over the house with it (she even took it out into the yard!)

Lucy bringing her new toy outside.
Bear-Lucy tug.
And more tug-o-war…
Tuckered pooch!
Lucy demonstrating her drool abilities.

In cute fabric, this double-squeaker toy held up remarkably well to Bear-Lucy tug-o-wars. As far as the “slobber wicking” is concerned…the toy did NOT get soaked, but it did get slimed. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything that can minimize Newfie drool! 🙂

For more information on these and other great toys, visit Planet Dog.

Sourcebook: Pet cleaning products

Some of you may know Molly Mutt for their adorable dog bed duvets, or their eco-conscious philosophy. But the stylish design company also makes a great line of “clean” products for you and your pup.

From shampoo and conditioner to dog bed freshener, Molly Mutt clean products are safe (no sulfates, parabens, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances) and all are made with essential oils to calm, protect and sanitize.

Three of my favorites include:

Puppy shampoo (New) – very gentle on coats and smells great, plus its rosemary and peppermint essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial.

Dog bed deodorizer spray – removes (doesn’t just cover) odors with safe, natural enzymes. This freshener also contains geranium essential oil (a natural flea & tick repellent) and lavender essential oil (a calming scent).

Dog coat conditioner – this spray detangles & conditions a dog’s coat for a healthy shine. Smells great, with rosemary and peppermint essential oils.

For more information, visit Molly Mutt online.

Review: Zuke’s Chews & Treats

I have to admit that my Newfs have had it pretty good lately – they’ve been sampling some great food and treats over the past month (I think I’m spoiling them rotten!) in an effort to help out with product reviews.

One of their favorite recent “research projects” was taste testing some goodies from Zuke’s. From dental chews to treats, my pups were more than happy to help out. They sampled Z-bones, Z-filets and Hip Action products. (spoiled, spoiled dogs!)

Z-Bones in Clean Apple Crisp flavor. The bumpy / raised bone surface helps to scrape and polish teeth.

The Z-Bone dental chews were the first up. In Clean Apple Crisp, each dog tried a “giant” sized bone – and ALL were quite pleased. From a nutrition standpoint, so was I. The bones are wheat-, corn- and dairy-free and so easy to digest (and they of course help to scrape and polish teeth). Ingredient-wise, the Z-bones have no fillers or additives and are made with whole food antioxidants (apples, spinach, parsley, etc.) to freshen breath and boost immunity.

Each of the dogs finished a bone in under 20 minutes… I think Bella actually even finished hers in less than 5 minutes – chow hound! 🙂

Here’s Bella getting her bone first (although Bear was also very interested).
Bear finally gets his turn.
Lucy with a Z-bone.
Bella, our champion chewer.
Bear enjoying his apple treat!

Next, we sampled some high-protein dog snacks called Z-filets. Made from real meat, the Chicken and Venison Z-filet treats were a huge hit with the herd (surprise, surprise). I love finding healthy snacks for the dogs, and these natural treats definitely fit the bill. No wheat, corn, soy…no artificial colors, flavors or by-products… What else can I say? BIG winner in our house!

From top left: Chicken Z-filets, Venison Z-filets, Hip action (beef) bites

Our last product to review was the Beef-flavored Hip Action treats, which contain glucosamine and chondroitin. Anyone with a larger dog will tell you that bone and joint health is a big concern. Keeping the dogs at a healthy weight, making sure they stay active and protecting their joints with supplements are all part of the normal routine. I’ve had mixed results with different joint supplements (taste wise) over the years, so I was very eager to see if my Newfs would like the taste of these. In a word – YES. They gobbled them up. (or down?) Either way, they drooled for them and eagerly ate them, which was a happy surprise indeed. Each treat contains 300 mg of Glucosamine and 50 mg of Chondroitin, yet my dogs seemed none the wiser. 🙂

One last great thing to add – all Zuke’s products are made in the U.S. (Gotta love that!)

Sourcebook: Pet Travel

Back in 2009, as I was planning the details of our family’s move from California to the East Coast, I heard about a new airline created just for pets. I was so excited at the prospect that I might be able to safely fly the pups to our new home – in the cabin of an airplane – in lieu of driving them all the way across the country.

At that time, Pet Airways had just launched and although they were starting to transport pets, they weren’t quite ready for big dog passengers like mine. Since I couldn’t imagine “shipping” the dogs the conventional way (on commercial airlines as cargo), I settled on taking a road trip with my pack. It took us three 14-hour days to drive from San Francisco to Atlanta, and thankfully the dogs were real troopers. But… it was definitely a long and tiring drive for us all.

I am so happy to learn today that Pet Airways now is equipped to handle the big guys – with a spot for one 175-lb (or less) “pawsenger” per flight. So exciting! It means any future moves could be less daunting…and taking a vacation with the dogs could now be even possible. (Fingers crossed that we’re not moving again anytime soon, by the way…)

Pet Airways has seen great success over the past two years. Their idea to fly pets in the main cabin has really struck a chord with pet owners nationwide. Pawsengers on the airline include puppies and kittens going to new homes, rescue pets being adopted, pets relocating with their families, military pets, show animals, pets of ‘Snow Birds’ going to spend the winter with their owners in Florida…basically all types of instances where pets need to be transported. The most popular flight routes are to/from New York and Los Angeles. And the company has even rolled out a frequent flyer program – after 5 flights you get one free. 🙂

Pet Airways flies regional jets that are retrofitted for the comfort of animals, providing pet carriers and pet attendants on every flight. In fact, the company prides itself on always having an employee with a traveling pet, from drop-off to pick-up, so that no animal is ever left alone.

For more information, visit Pet Airways.